Center Research Assets

The CHSI has Unique Assets to Transform Health.

  • CHSI collaborates with a network of rural health providers and administrators. Many are practicing D.O.s who are OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Adjunct Faculty.
  • CHSI leverages expertise within OSU undergraduate and graduate academic departments in health care, business, data analytics.
  • CHSI works closely with rural health initiatives both within OSU and across the state. The home of the State Office of Rural Health and the Center for Rural Health and Rural Service Programs is Oklahoma State University.
  • Through CHSI’s relationship with Neal Patterson who initiated the Patterson Foundation Chair Fund which established CHSI and who actively serves on the CHSI Board, CHSI is granted use to the de-identified Cerner Health Facts Database more…

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    Cerner, a global provider of health care information technology, donated to OSUCHSI the use of the Cerner Health Facts database, a comprehensive source of de-identified real-world data that is a collected by-product of patient care. In congruence with Cerner’s mission to contribute to the systemic improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities, CHSI analyzes Health Facts. It is a HIPAA compliant database collected from participating clinical facilities starting in 2000. It is the industry’s only data source that uses a comprehensive clinical record with pharmacy, laboratory, admission and billing data that is time-stamped and sequenced. The data source is identified to region. The areas where the data can give insight are boundless and we work to harness this strength for our own mission. CHSI currently works with 14 years of data, covering 58 million patients. This creates a database of 84 million patient visits, 2.4 billion lab results and 320 million prescriptions. Cerner Health Facts is a comprehensive source of de-identified, real-world, HIPAA-compliant data and the Industry’s only data set that includes the comprehensive record with pharmacy data, laboratory data, clinical events data, admission data, and billing data.

  • CHSI operates the OSU Health Access Network which provides case management, care coordination, improved access to specialty care, quality improvement initiatives, and data analysis to enhance the care of SoonerCare Choice providers.
  • CHSI partners with corporations, other academic institutions, state agencies, and individuals who bring their own databases for analysis. If you are interested in partnering with CHSI, please contact us.
  • CHSI will operate an innovation lab to develop and test health clinic innovation. OSU Center for Health Sciences’ A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Medical Academic Building will house the CHSI innovation lab.
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